Sergio Perez doesn’t see his new Red Bull contract being his last in Formula 1 : PlanetF1

Signed to Red Bull until the end of 2024, Sergio Perez hopes to continue racing in Formula 1 beyond his current contract.

Perez joined Red Bull last season, the Mexican driver was given a lifeline after it looked like his Formula 1 career might be over when Racing Point let him go in favor of Sebastian Vettel.

Signed for a year, he became Max Verstappen’s first teammate since Daniel Ricciardo to win a grand prix, P1 in Azerbaijan.

His performances earned him another one-year contract with Perez, making it clear at the start of this season that he wanted more.

He received this in preparation for the Monaco Grand Prix, signed a two-year extension, and thanked the team with victory on the streets of Monte Carlo.

He is already fishing for another multi-year contract.

“I still have a contract until 2024 but I can’t imagine that I will end my career then,” he said. Sports Picture.

“I’m too young for that and I’m still having too much fun. Even if the sport takes a lot of time. But it’s like that. Formula 1 will be your life. And you can’t leave that behind.

But, he added, when the time comes to quit, it “won’t be hard for me in the end.”

Expanding on this, he said: “The best times of my life have nothing to do with racing. For example, the birth of my children.

“But even the simple things mean a lot to me. If I can get a taco in Mexico for 20 pesos and spend time with my family, those are times you don’t get in Formula 1.”

Sergio Perez isn’t Max Verstappen but he’s a great No.2

Perez has shown during his time with Red Bull that he is happy to help his team-mate and can pick up the pieces when the Dutchman is out of the running.

Already twice this season he adhered to the orders of the team, in Spain and Azerbaijan.

In Spain, he backed down a bit when told to move on and give Verstappen the lead, telling the team it was “very unfair” and that they would talk about it later.

He quickly toed the party line, with the driver saying a few days later that the team “had a bigger view” of what was going on in the grand prix and that in the end the 1-2, in favor of Verstappen, was a “great team result”.

In Baku, he did not complain – not a glitch.

But while seemingly okay with the number two role – despite telling you he isn’t – Perez is also a race winner and has climbed to the top step of the Monaco podium in fending off Carlos Sainz and Verstappen.

It was a good win for the driver as he was under immense pressure throughout the final stint, but he kept his composure to close the gap to his teammate in the Ranking of drivers at 15 points.

Since then, his challenge has faded as Verstappen found his rhythm, with or without the help of Red Bull upgrades, and took an 80-point lead over Charles Leclerc.

But unlike last season when Verstappen’s P1s were followed by rival Lewis Hamilton‘s P2s, this year Perez is taking points away from Ferrari.

A good job for a number two, who could still be around after 2024 if he continues like this.

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