Stankevicius announces the final of the 2022 Investment Congress in Paris by Stukkert&Co and comments on the upcoming 2023 roadmap

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – October 25, 2022) – Stukkert&Co, in partnership with Stankevicius MGM, has been hosting an exclusive investment congress as a business event in Europe since 2017.

The Investment Congress focuses primarily on the real estate and private equity investment sectors, bringing together key industry figures in an exclusive atmosphere at iconic venues and business development locations. The Congress brought together billionaire personalities from Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia Pacific.

This year, in 2022, Stukkert&Co has extended the Congress to France and Monaco, and has designated very prestigious people to attend. One of the key elements of the Congress is the Awards Ceremony where selected unique business personalities from different industries are honored by Anna Stukkert, CEO and Founder of The Investment Congress. The special guest to receive an Executive Honor Award at Paris 2022 was the CEO of Forbes Monaco.

(Forbes Monaco CEO Luiz F Costa M receiving an award from Anna Stukkert)

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Expansion of the Investment Congress in 2023

Anna Stukkert hosted The Investment Congress within European borders, but from 2023 new horizons are set, expanding the activity to the most economic areas of the EU and even to the Middle East.

In January 2023, Stukkert&Co will launch a special edition called Davos International Investment Congress & Conference in partnership with ILP Group, focusing on global real estate, investment behavior in modern markets and discussions of residency and citizenship by investment.

In February and March, Stukkert&Co is expected to expand into the Middle East with branches in Bahrain and Dubai.

Back in Europe, at the beginning of the third quarter, Stukkert&Co will launch a new edition of the Cannes International Investment Congress for Investments in Fashion and Film Industry.

Redefining the business events industry for the better

Stukkert&Co’s vision is to create a one-sided platform in multiple regions of the world where business leaders, politicians, creators, founders, investors and investors can connect, share ideas and do business together. .

The Investment Congress has a special congressional committee to review participant and investor credentials to create a true place to connect and network for real business leaders and executors.

As founder and CEO, Anna Stukkert says: “At our investment convention, we seek to bring in real business personas and, more importantly, we try to create a balance between entrepreneurs and investors.

The numbers that matter

A portion of the Investment Congress is also streamed online, reaching a global audience of 7 million people as well as offline attendees. The audience includes a large number of A-grade angel investors and corporate investors from various industries like real estate, citizen investing, commodities, art, aviation, special investor clubs, blockchain and cryptocurrency, bio industries, fashion and franchise.

The preview of the results of the 10th edition of the Investment Congress 2022 organized by Stukkert&Co in partnership with Stankevicius media relations attracted more than 8000 offline participants from 29 countries, each representing a real estate value of 5 million euros to 50 million euros. The statistical information of the participants also reveals that the total turnover of business activities performed by the participants reached more than 340 million euros in 2022. Nevertheless, there were more than 500 new direct contracts with established B2C customers. from 25 countries in 2022.

2022 Awards Recognition and Special Appreciation

During the recent Paris session, to receive recognition trophies, special recognition was given to:

Alina Kremms, Fortune 500 joint venture communications partner at the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and interpreter for Ukrainian President Leonyd Kravchuk (1992).

Sergej Tschernjaswkij, congress partner on strategic investment, political expert and famous creator within European private companies.

Baron Louis Petiet, Mayor of Verneuil sur Avre, Honorary Mayor of Normandy France. Baron Louis Petiet has an amazing journey of mutual aid and rapprochement with Emmanuel Macron. Louis P. has advised the main Anglo-Saxon association, Rosehaugh Stanhope, JMB, Olympia and York, as well as the Docklands administrations. Louis P. also holds the Order of Knights of the Legion of Honor.

(Baron Louis Petiet on the right, next to Anna Stukkert. Hadi Al Alawi in the center. Sergej Tschernjaswkij on the left.)

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Hadi Al Alawi, Chairman and Founder of the Al Hayat Group established in the 1990s. Hadi is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who also holds senior positions as Chairman of the Mackenzie Forbes Group and is a member of the Board of Directors of Innovative Film City. Hadi Al Alawi has been representing global companies in the Middle East for over 25 years. Hadi is elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce from 2020.

A special mention was also given to the Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris show, created by fashion designer Tiffany McCall in 2012. The 5th season of Tiffany’s Fashion Week in Dubai will take place on March 11, 2023.

(Award recipient, Maria Spartalis at right, Tiffany McCall at center, Anna Stukkert at right)

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Mariya Spartalis received an award as a 2022 Financial Influencer. Mariya Spartalis has been a finance expert for over 20 years. She is a successful wealth manager for millionaires and billionaires who structure their wealth and provide brilliant private banking and investment solutions.

Stukkert&Co seeks to attract new talent and new businesses from Europe and overseas to the Middle East and to connect talent and capital.

(Stankevicius MGM CEO Paulius Stankevicius was also recognized as a 2022 Top Influencer in business.)

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Stankevicius MGM is a professional public relations and investor relations firm, part of the Stankevicius Group. Stankevicius MGM has worked with over 500 clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Stankevicius has raised $500 million in funding for clients in public markets and $200 million in private equity.

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