The little princess who was raised in a circus


Well, she’s got style in her blood. Her grandmother was Grace Kelly, the muse of Hitchcock who married Prince Rainier of Monaco in a fairytale ceremony in 1956 and who was a true fashion icon, with a Hermès bag that bears her name .

Her aunt, Princess Caroline, now wears mostly Chanel, and Princess Stephanie herself has posed for Dior. But Pauline’s life hasn’t always been a high fashion riot. Quite the contrary: as a child, she lived for years in a caravan in a traveling circus and then trained as a professional diver.

Princess Stéphanie and Daniel Ducruet started dating in 1992. The youngest of Grace and Rainier’s three children, Stéphanie was only 17 when, in 1982, she was pulled from the rubble of the car accident that killed her mother, and had to live with the speculation that she had been the one behind the wheel. For a long time she was the Grimaldi rebel and tried to carve out a career as a pop star, even collaborating with Michael Jackson on his single. In the closet.

It was after the promotion of an unfortunate album on a world tour that Princess Stéphanie signed up with Ducruet, but the relationship was chaotic: at the time, his then-partner, Martine Malbouvier, was pregnant with her eldest son. , Michael.

Ducruet had joined the Monegasque police as a trainee in 1986 after jobs as a fishmonger and animal shop assistant and had been assigned to the protection of Stéphanie. The two tied the knot in 1995, but divorced a year later after the tabloids broke with images of him red-handed poolside with a former Topless Miss from Belgium.

Nevertheless, Stéphanie and Ducruet remained committed parents, explains Pauline in perfect American English. “When we grew up my mom and dad were very close. Even though they divorced very early on, they always made it a point to grow up with two parents. He [her father] brings out my more tomboy side – when I was with him, I was with my two brothers, and I wanted to be like them. If they said, “You’re a girl, you’re too young,” I would say, “Let me show you. “

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