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Royal author Coryne Hall thinks Princess Charlene may have had ‘terrible problems’ trying to settle into her new life and home after marrying Prince Albert in July 2011. The expert has suggested that the potential difficulties could stem from both Charlene’s changing lifestyle and the nature of Monaco, a small but old and proud principality.

She told “Monegasque society is very snobbish and almost restricted and I think it’s quite insular.

“She comes from a completely different background, not nobility, she’s an ordinary girl from South Africa and she must have had terrible difficulties settling down.

“I know that at the beginning she had a lot of help from Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie to adapt, to get into the rhythm of life in Monaco – but there was not much they could do.”

Caroline and Stéphanie are the sisters of Prince Albert and the daughters of the late Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III.

Before Albert’s marriage, they used to carry out many royal engagements alongside their brother and alone.

In recent months, Caroline and Stéphanie have resumed their role of supporting the sovereign in place of the absence of Princess Charlene.

The princesses were spotted attending several events alongside Albert and his twin children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, including the crucial celebrations of Monaco’s National Day in November and the patron saint of the principality last month.

Princess Charlene was absent from public life for several months due to health issues.

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The royal traveled to South Africa – where she grew up – in May, where she was due to carry out conservation work with her charity for a few days.

However, she was stuck in the country after developing a serious ENT infection.

This problem necessitated several visits and medical procedures and prevented the princess from returning to Monaco for six months.

During this period, she was forced to miss key family moments alongside royal duties, including her 10th wedding anniversary celebrations and her children’s first day of school in September.


Charlene finally received the green light from her doctors to return to Monaco a few weeks after her last surgery and was reunited with her family in early November.

As the public expected her to return to her public duties and attend Monegasque National Day celebrations, the Principality’s palace announced that Charlène would be taking some time off to “recover from a state of profound general fatigue”.

In mid-November, Prince Albert revealed his wife had decided to go to a treatment center outside Monaco after realizing she was suffering from “exhaustion, both emotional and physical”.

Dismissing rumors of trouble within her marriage, the sovereign told People magazine: “She was clearly exhausted, physically and emotionally.

“She was overwhelmed and couldn’t cope with official duties, life in general or even family life.”

Charlene’s health issues, Albert also said, were not related to cancer or Covid but were related to procedures she had to undergo within a few months due to her ENT infection.

As Prince Albert continued his work, the Monegasque palace issued two press releases in recent months.

In December, he spoke of Charlene’s journey to recovery in encouraging terms and added that Albert and the twins would be visiting the royal over the festive period.

Similarly, in January, the Monaco palace said Charlene was recovering in a “very encouraging way”.

However, the royal’s recovery and treatment would take “several more weeks”, the statement added.

The statement also adds that Charlene is also undergoing dental work, a detail not provided in the December update.

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