The title of Princess of Monaco almost did not go to Grace Kelly


Among the pioneering Hollywood women we all know today, Grace Kelly comes to mind. The American actress rose to prominence in the mid-90s and starred in a few famous films like “High Noon”, “Rear Window”, “Dial M for Murder” and “To Catch a Thief”.

Along with her excellent acting skills, her beauty and elegance made her loved by both male and female fans. Kelly was popular as the best young lady of her time, and everyone was waiting to see the handsome one who would tear her heart out.

At the time, it was safe to assume that someone of Kelly’s status would end up in the arms of a young Prince Charming and not an ordinary man. Things turned out as planned when the actress left the attractions of acting to marry the royal family of Monaco.

However, unlike other weddings, a royal wedding almost means that several potential candidates are involved, and only the best will be chosen. Although no one knows it, Kelly almost lost her crown to another popular actress. Keep scrolling to see more details.

Kelly almost lost to Marilyn Monroe

Although Kelly and Rainer (the then Prince of Monaco) seemed like a perfect match, things could have followed another part, and the prince could have ended up in the arms of another.

At that time, the Principality of Monaco was in a financial crisis and the royal family was in danger of losing its revered status.
Life in Monaco had been turned upside down due to World War II, and tourism seemed to be the savior that could increase their financial reserves.


The prince’s advisers suggested that she marry a Hollywood star to bring the necessary attention to the country. Actress Marilyn Monroe was one of the names proposed, but the suggestion was dropped.

According to a documentary on the royal family, Monroe exuded too much sexuality and choosing her might have thwarted whatever goal they were trying to achieve.

How the couple met

When Kelly attended the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, her reason was to present her new film, “The Country Girl”. However, she got more than she could have bargained for when Cupid shot her.

While the festival was going on, the actress had a chance meeting with the prince, all thanks to her colleague actress Olivia de Havilland. Kelly was seated at the same dining table as de Havilland and her husband Pierre Galente having dinner.

Galente, who had a connection to the prince, caught up with Kelly before she left for the night and asked her to introduce her to her.
According to Country Living, Gallente recalled the event as an auspicious moment.

“I’m tempted to think it was fate,” he said. “I caught up with her to ask her if she would agree to a meeting with Prince Rainier. Grace struck me from the first meeting as a rather reserved young woman, master of herself and well behaved.

Kelly and Rainer were so impressed that it quickly turned into a love that led to marriage.

Kelly paid a huge dowry sum

For Kelly, getting married into the royal family was no easy feat. Many ladies had already attracted the attention of her future handsome Prince Rainier of Monaco, before the actress entered the scene.

As fate did, the prince only had eyes for Kelly and gave up all of his other love interests to win her heart. Their whirlwind romance eventually led to the wedding, but things turned a bit messy before the lovebirds mated.

Surprisingly, the Oscar winner had to part with a large dowry before the royal family could bestow their blessing. Earlier reports said the royal family asked Kelly’s father for $ 2 million.

Although this was the usual protocol at the time, Kelly’s father was uncomfortable paying such a high price to give his daughter a hand. In the end, Kelly ended up paying half the sum herself.

Kelly had a fertility test

In addition to paying the high fees, Kelly had to deal with another bizarre protocol before becoming the Princess Consort of Monaco. The second hurdle, according to the Chicago Tribune, required the actress to undergo a fertility test.

A nice photo showing the late Princess Consort of Monaco, Grace Kelly.
Facebook | The Golden Age of Hollywood

Once again, Kelly’s family weren’t willing to agree to this extra rule, but Kelly didn’t mind as she was in love. At that time, making such a request was not strange as it was of the utmost importance that the next in line to the throne be able to produce an heir to prevent his line from dying.

The fertility test has passed and preparations for the wedding are in full swing. The couple married in a lavish ceremony in 1956 attended by several esteemed personalities.

Although the marriage process seems difficult, their life afterwards was spent in marital bliss.

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