Toppan will showcase the latest smart packaging solutions at Luxe Pack Monaco

toppan and Toppan Europe GmbH (Toppan Europe) will attend Luxe Pack Monaco 2022, the premier creative packaging trade show, from October 3-5.

In the context of the rapid digital shift in consumer behavior caused in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, smart packaging solutions are receiving considerable attention in the luxury industry, including the retail sectors. cosmetics and premium wines and spirits. This is not only in recognition of the benefits that smart packaging offers for identity management and verification of product authenticity, but also its effectiveness as a tool for interactive communication with customers.

However, many high-end cosmetics are sold in small containers of no more than 100ml. Constraints associated with tag size and design when equipping these containers with NFC tags and other identification devices have presented a barrier to more widespread adoption.

Another challenge is that metallic materials are often used for containers and packaging of cosmetics and luxury items to convey a high quality feeling related to the product. Metal, however, can negatively impact the communication performance of NFC tags.

Responding to brands wishing to address these issues, Toppan has leveraged its vast experience and expertise in the field to expand its NFC tag product line. At Luxe Pack Monaco, Toppan will demonstrate high-performance NFC tags that can be attached to small containers or metal containers, as well as complete smart packaging solutions that fully exploit the benefits of tags in combination with identity authentication back -end cloud-based. Platform.

Toppan has developed two concept models, with diameters of 7mm and 8mm, respectively. It is usually difficult to maintain communication performance when the antenna size is reduced, but Toppan’s original design maintains the same performance as conventional beacons.

This means that Toppan’s labels can be used for compact containers, such as small cosmetic products like lipsticks and mascara, as well as bottles and syringes used in medical and pharmaceutical settings.

Metallic materials generally inhibit communication between NFC devices, but these NFC tags retain their performance even when attached to metals due to original design and modifications made possible by Toppan’s unique know-how.

Toppan’s cloud-based identity authentication platform enables product authentication, enables brands to provide product information, promotions and other services, and facilitates supply chain management. procurement, including traceability and monitoring of gray market diversion, based on collected data.

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