Ulster writer Maurice Hamilton gives chapter and verses with incredible tribute to Murray Walker

If, as it increasingly seems likely, many of us won’t be straying too far from home this Christmas, Omicron’s restrictions may provide the perfect excuse to delve into the variety of new sports books. automobile offered.

at least among them the last of the prolific and acclaimed Ulster-born writer Maurice Hamilton, Incredible! A tribute to Murray Walker.

The author of more than 20 books related to grand prix, including The history of Formula 1, his biographies of Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda and Alan Prost as well as Green Racing Red, the story of Eddie Irvine’s rise through Ferrari ranks, Hamilton turned his attention to beloved commentator Walker, who died earlier this year at the age of 97.

But far from simply telling the story of Walker’s life, colorful as it is, it is a trip down memory lane, remembering his iconic comments as well as his frequent blunders and garnering tributes from the part of Sir Jackie Stewart and the recently knighted Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Martin Brundle, who has shared a comment box with Walker for many years, said: “A genius broadcaster and passionate soundtrack for generations of F1 fans. “

Hamilton, a friend and broadcast colleague, draws a personal picture of an extraordinary man while recounting never-before-told stories from inside the F1 paddock and recalling those famous Murrayisms.

“After his death in March, it became increasingly clear that there was an appetite for a book about Murray and his extraordinary career. Not a biography that has been done before, but about his iconic comments and memories of him from the people who knew him best, ”Hamilton explained.

“I spoke to over 40 people, from pilots to engineers to team owners, and there was such a surge of love for him; literally, no one had a bad word to say.

“The difficulty was trying to fit into all the stories and anecdotes, especially since the editors wanted the manuscript by the end of June,” added Hamilton, who first met Walker as a fan. when he sat next to him on a return flight from the 1973. Monaco Grand Prix.

It’s a heartwarming book published by Banham Press, priced at £ 20.

Locally, Carsport and Rally Insight have produced their annual yearbooks, looking back on an Irish season that has seen a steady recovery after the first waves of Covid that virtually wiped out 2020.

Adam Hall self-published Rally preview, the third edition, focuses, as the title suggests, on the Irish rally scene, revealing Callum Devine’s decision to focus on the asphalt championship next year and Josh McErlean’s ambitious plans for the championship of the world.

Coverage ranges from the exploits of young Chargers Jon Armstrong and William Creighton in the Junior WRC to Jimmy McRae’s memories of his record breaking days on the Irish Circuit and the role the Irish co-drivers have played on the world stage.

Sports car covers the broader spectrum of the entire Irish motorsport scene, from Craig Breen’s 2022 dream with Ford to Kris Meeke’s disappointment that he missed out on a return to the Dakar rally – and why he’s unlikely to returns from Andorra to participate if Northern Ireland hosts a round of the World Championship.

From riding racer Daniel Harper to cycling star Jonathan Rea, he provides a comprehensive picture of Irish motorsport on four and two wheels.

Both yearbooks pay homage to familiar faces who have passed away over the past 12 months, including Adrian Boyd and Dessie Nutt.

Outside too, this Christmas is Coleman Country, RPM’s latest Plum Tyndall post focusing on the history and winners of the Cork ’20’ and West Cork rallies.

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