What to expect at the Monaco Crypto Summit: Join theCUBE on July 29

What is the future of cryptocurrency? A crystal ball could have saved investors from big losses over the past year as the market fell $2 trillion from its peak in November 2021 to its peak. current assessment. But as some crypto lending platforms and hedge funds file for bankruptcy, others are celebrating new funding and acquisitions.

How can market analysts form a long-term view of blockchain technology amid such contrasting fortunes?

The answer is that even the most educated cryptography experts project possibilities rather than chart concrete paths. The industry is barely a teenager, and the blockchain has not yet clearly defined its function. However, most agree that technology will influence the future of enterprise technology.

On July 29, a select consortium of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts will meet to discuss the future of cryptocurrency in Monaco Crypto Summit an event. TheCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s live streaming studio, will be there, bringing our community the latest insights into the high-stakes world of digital finance. (*Disclosure below.)

TheCUBE examines the diverse and differentiated world of decentralized currency

At one end of the crypto-prediction scale are bitcoin’s maximalist devotees who await the arrival of hyperbitcoinization. On the other, researchers such as Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering and Scientific Advisor to Universa Investments LP. Taleb reversed his pro-crypto stance when he published an article stating that bitcoin “does not, even remotely, provide a safe haven for one’s investments, a shield against government tyranny, or a rear-guard vehicle for catastrophic episodes.”

Then there’s the common ground: an understanding that while individual cryptocurrencies and other trendy technologies, such as non-fungible tokens, might be here today and gone tomorrow, the technology on which they exist – block chain – has a potential that is not yet fully understood.

“Remember: Not all crypto products are purely financial; many are more consumer-oriented products, like systems for coordinating group decisions or managing event tickets,” said Scott Duke Kominers, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and Research Economist for the National Bureau of Economic Research, speaking in an interview with the Harvard Gazette.

Kominers stated his long-term view that blockchain holds “true fundamental technology value”…once the market figures out how to do it securely.

According to Jake Ryan, Founder and Chief Information Officer of Tradecraft Capital LLC and author of “Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy.

“[Cryptocurrency] allows us to process and transfer economic value without human intervention. This technology will fuel the need for businesses to build autonomous operations,” Ryan said in a LinkedIn position.

Adam Samson, Financial Times Markets News Editor, sees potential for blockchain-based products “that make business and financial processes more efficient and transparent.” In a question-and-answer session published in the Financial Times on July 20, Samson cites as an example the British asset management industry’s proposal to tokenize coins to reduce back-office costs and Use of blockchain technology by JPMorgan Chase & Co. for intraday repurchase agreements.

Be on the lookout for big news and big names at the Monaco Crypto Summit

The theme of the Monaco Crypto Summit, sponsored by DigitalBits Foundation, is the future of cryptocurrency. The event is expected to create plenty of crypto buzz for theCUBE industry analysts to dissect. Speakers at the event include Al Burgio, Founder of DigitalBits; Brittany Kaiser, co-founder of Own Your Data Foundation; Dustin Plantholt of Forbes Monaco; Kory Hoang, founder and CEO of Stably; Lauren Bissel, Founder and CEO of Immutable Industries; Bryan Talebi, Founder and CEO of Ahura AI, and many more.

DigitalBits’ Burgio posted a recent community update, stating: “There are certain confidential elements under development which must be made public on July 29th. … These elements are an integral part of the future journey of DigitalBits.

Other announcements theCUBE will discuss with guests include how blockchain technology is supporting growing ecosystems around DevOps, IT, and the global economy; Web3 developments; new partnerships, products and future projects; and how the evolution of blockchain could revolutionize the underlying infrastructure of enterprise technology.

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco will be one of the special guests and speakers of the evening, according to an announcement of the Grimaldi Forum center in Monaco, which hosts the event. For those more interested in pop culture royalty, DigitalBits is the home of the digital banking platform and payment network Zytara Inc.who is represented by football legend David Beckham and lists music producer deadmau5, Italian sports team AS Roma and eSports organization Dignitas among its partners.

With so many big names associated with the cryptocurrency community, who knows who might appear on theCUBE’s livestream set? What theCUBE can guarantee for the Monaco Crypto Summit on July 29 is our signature in-depth analysis as we discuss the latest news and emerging trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Stay tuned for a full list of expert guests theCUBE analysts will chat with during Monaco Crypto Summit.

(*Disclosure: TheCUBE is a paid media partner for the Monaco Crypto Summit event. Neither DigitalBits, theCUBE’s events coverage sponsor, nor the other sponsors have editorial control over theCUBE or SiliconANGLE content.)

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