Who is Chris Von Aspen and when was she pictured with Prince Andrew? – The American Sun

In photos taken on a wild night in Saint Tropez, Prince Andrew was pictured getting close to socialite Chris Von Aspen.

The pretty blonde was 27 at the time of the photos taken at the pool party hosted by a Libyan businessman. But who is she and when were they captured together?


The pair were pictured appearing to dance together and warm up at the party in 20071 credit

Who is Chris Von Aspen?

Christine Von Aspen, was born Christine Vonaspern in a small town in America’s Deep South, The Evening Standard reported in 2007.

According to her father’s quotes in the report, she studied music technology at Belmont — a small Christian college in Nashville with aspirations of becoming a singer.

Von Aspen then moved to Hollywood, as friends compared her voice to that of early 2000s star Joss Stone.

However, she could not make a living as a singer and instead worked as a graphic designer while dating producer Brad Holmes, 13 years her senior.

A friend of the couple told the Evening Standard at the time: “If social climbing was a sport, she would be an Olympic gold medalist.”

When she met Andrew, she is said to have been dating French Foreign Legion officer Bruno Phillipponant – who was said to be Prince Albert II’s mission officer at the time.

When was she photographed with Prince Andrew?

The photographs are believed to be from a flashy showbiz party in Saint Tropez held at the villa of a Libyan businessman in 2007.

It was reported that Andrew asked Haitian artist Jeffrey Dread to introduce him to Von Aspen telling the artist he thought Chris was “incredibly handsome”.

According to the Evening Standard, Dread said, “He was so in love with her, it was amazing. He said, ‘Oh my God, your friend is beautiful. Can you introduce me?’

“She is dating Bruno, who is Prince Albert of Monaco‘s right-hand man, but I felt it was not for me to say she was dating someone else.

“She danced with Andrew for most of the evening until the party ended around 3am.

“He followed her everywhere she went, even to the bathroom, and at one point he gave her a head massage.

The under-fire royal claimed he was not the kind of man you would ever see cuddling women in public.

Referring to his image, he said: “I don’t know why I got that title back because I don’t… I never really partied.”

He spoke out as he tried to walk away from a photo that showed him with his arm around Virginia Roberts when she was 17 at a party thrown by his pedo pal Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew has said that as a member of the British Royal Family cuddling and public displays of affection are not things he would do.

Where is Chris Von Aspen now?

It seems that since her wild night with the prince, she has left the party scene behind.

Her pals claim she now leads a quiet life running a health retreat in Monaco.

Longtime friend Richard Gradner said: “These photos of her with Prince Andrew don’t show Chris’ true character.

“If she liked to party, she’s cleaned up her act a lot since those days and taken a different path.”

He explained that Chris was no more of a party girl than anyone else, but that she would have gone to Monaco because that’s where “people of influence go”.

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