William remembers how Diana calmed their nerves, Grieving Queen

In this week’s Royal Update, Prince William reveals what his son, Prince George, and daughter, Princess Charlotte, are fighting against, and also shares the hilarious way Princess Diana would calm her nerves of the back and those of Prince Harry.

We also learn that Queen Elizabeth is mourning the death of a very close friend and that Princess Charlene of Monaco is missing a fun family outing.

Prince William reveals what Prince George and Princess Charlotte are fighting for

During an episode of Apple Fitness Walk Time series, which is due to air on Monday, Prince William has revealed that one of his favorite songs is Waka waka by Shakira, and that it is also a favorite among her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

He also explained how they inherited the royal family‘s love for music and sometimes fought over which song to play each morning.

“What amazed me was how much my children have already inherited my family’s love for music.

“Most mornings there’s a huge fight between Charlotte and George over what song is played in the morning.

“And now I have to make it a priority that one day someone does this one, and another day it’s someone else’s turn.” So George launches, then Charlotte launches. This is the clamor of the music, ”said William.

Queen Elizabeth mourns the death of her ‘most loyal’ friend

The Duchess of Grafton, Ann Fortune FitzRoy, recently passed away at the age of 101 and left the Queen even more grieving, after losing her husband, Prince Philip, in April.

Ann was a good friend of the Queen and served the royal household throughout the monarch’s 69-year reign. She even granted the Queen the privilege of being the godmother of her second daughter, Lady Virginia FitzRoy, in 1954.

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Princess Charlene misses a festive family outing with her husband and their children

Prince Albert took his six-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella on a family outing on Friday as his wife, Princess Charlene of Monaco, continued to recover at a treatment center just outside outside of Monaco.

Albert reported in November that he and Charlene decided to book her at the facility because she suffered emotional and mental exhaustion from an ear, nose and throat infection that had stuck her in. South Africa for a little over six months.

Speaking to a French publication recently, Albert said he had made changes to the education of the twins and that they were now attending palace school with a few of their friends and being taught by the same teachers. who educated them in school. .

“Jacques and Gabriella are now educated at the palace. We have since set up a small classroom.

“They are not alone, since four of their friends, two boys and two girls, have joined them there, with the same teachers as if they were in their school”, specifies Albert.

William remembers the hilarious way Princess Diana calmed his and Harry’s nerves

In our latest snippet from this week’s Royal News, Prince William explains how Princess Diana eased her back-to-school nerves and those of Prince Harry.

Prince William and Prince Harry also appear to have had back-to-school anxiety, as do many children, as Prince William recently revealed in an interview for Apple Fitness Time to walk series that her late mother, Princes Diana, would always blow up that of Tina Turner The best in the car as she drove him and Harry to boarding school.

“My mother, she drove, singing at the top of her voice. They even took the policeman in the car; he also sang occasionally. We would sing and listen to music right up to the gates of the school where they would drop you off, ”said William.

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